Was your system running fine, & then just stopped for no apparent reason? There is nothing worse then calling a professional and paying a trip charge for something you could have easily assessed on your own.

  • Commonly we find people calling with a blank thermostat or inter-mitten issues. Just like your TV remote, your thermostat can take batteries depending on the model. It is always a good idea to change your thermostat batteries once a year to avoid a NO HEAT or NO COOL situation. Batteries are much more inexpensive when they don’t have a trip charge added on to the cost of them, & are changed by you.
Shown here is the main electrical "light switch" shut off to the furnace.

Shown here is the main electrical “light switch” shut off to the furnace.

  • Another common issue that sparks many unneeded service calls is tripped breakers. If your system is not running check your break box for any tripped breakers that may need reset. Every time a storm rolls through we notice a higher call volume from customers that may not need someone to come out. If there are power surges in the area, breakers can trip causing your system to lose power. Some times getting new appliances or moving things around your home on different outlets can trip a breaker, & cause power to your system to be cut off as well.
  • We have seen a main power switch at the furnace get flipped to the OFF position and gone unnoticed until the extreme heat or cold comes & the homeowner notices the system is not running. If your furnace is up to recent standard code, you will have a direct electrical shut off at the furnace. Most of the time this will look like a standard home’s light switch placed on a small box at the side of the furnace. If your system is not running you can make sure the switch did not get turned off. We have ran service calls where a pet or person walking by the furnace flipped this switch to the off position by simply brushing against it. Some thermostats can take up to 10-15 minutes to reconnect to the HVAC equipment depending on what your home has, so give it a little time to fully reset before moving on.