#1 SUSPECT-Check this first!




If you think your system is not operating as it should, the FIRST thing you need to check is your air filter!

It is important that you visually check your filter(s) every month. During peak seasons, when your system runs more often, you may need to change your filter(s) monthly. There are many factors that can affect the life of your filter, i.e. pets, carpeting, open windows and doors, remodeling, even seasonal cleaning can lift more settled particles into your home’s environment.

General recommendations are that a 1” inch furnace filter should be changed every 3 months annually. If you have a 4” or 5” inch furnace filter, change every 6 months annually.

Air Flow is the most important aspect of your HVAC system operation. The best practice is to remember, “If your filter is dirty…It needs to be changed”.

Filters come in many sizes and different materials, so make sure you know what your equipment requires to maintain proper airflow. Never run your HVAC system without a filter, and always make sure the system is off when changing out the filter(s). Good practice is to date the filter(s) when you change them, so you can remember the last time it was done.