Humidifier Setup-Valves and Controls

As mentioned in the Humidifier Information section, no matter the humidifier type you choose, the same basic materials will come with the humidifier for installation which are the saddle valve and humidi-stat control. The problem is most humidifiers just won’t make it long with these basic materials, dooming the humidifier and home owner relationship from the start. These 2 components can be easily upgraded to help increase the control of the humidifier system.


SADDLE VALVE- This is the most basic type of valve, with the most simple application. The saddle valve is strapped to the outside of the 3/4″ or 1/2″ water line, and uses a small post (about the size of an earring post) to pierce a tiny hole into the supply line hook up for the 1/4″ feed water line to the humidifier. The only tools required are a screw driver and wrench. Basically leaving a pinhole to supply the humidifier with water to operate. These are easily clogged and make the maintenance difficult.

BALL VALVE- This is a 1/4 turn ball valve which drastically improves the control of the water flow to your humidifier and function over a saddle valve, making annual maintenance a breeze.  We feel this is the best way to install or complete this repair, both for the home owner and our technicians.


HUMIDI-STAT- The common humidity control that comes with the humidifier for installation, usually located on the duct work by the humidifier on your furnace. Generic dial setting, usually from 15-45 percent. Depending on the model some do not even have a percentage, and simply let you choose from low to high on the dial. There is also no way to read the actual humidity level in the home from this control. The humidi-stat will only run the humidifier when the furnace runs, and in most homes never reaching the desired humidity level!

THERMOSTAT WITH HUMIDITY CONTROL- With this add on you can read and set the humidity level in your home from the thermostat. Turning your HVAC system into a whole home humidifier, by giving the humidifier the opportunity to run anytime the humidity level drops below the desired setting. This makes huge improvements to the comfort in your home during the winter months.

It is important to know with all the benefits that come with having a humidifier that works well, so does the maintenance and repairs due to hard water and small orifices.