• Get the most out of your dollar when it comes to A/C Maintenance

    The most important task of an A/C maintenance is making sure the outdoor condensing unit’s coil gets washed thoroughly, the right way.

    If you pay for an A/C maintenance and the technician does not fully remove all hail guards and the lid of the condensing unit to clean the coil, then you are wasting your money. Don’t be fooled by a low priced advertised “tune up”, or a technician that can complete an A/C maintenance in 30 minutes without disassembling the unit to be cleaned properly to manufacturer’s specifications. Many sales model companies offer a very cheap “Check up or Tune up” just to get their foot in the door. Many of these low priced tune ups consist mostly of a technician using a check list to then suggest actual maintenance tasks to be done at a higher price. Their end goal is to find out the age of your equipment, so they can recommend you replace it, and get a sales person in behind them at all costs. There is nothing more frustrating than feeling like you have to deal with the sales bit every time you need a good maintenance completed.

    Depending on the manufacturer, some outdoor units have spine fin coils which then require additional steps to the cleaning process. Improperly washing any coil, no matter the type, can reduce efficiency which in turn will increase your utility bill, and can also cause premature aging and damage to your unit. Maintenance that is done properly to your unit will help it performing at the efficiency rating it was designed to achieve.

    Call us today for peace of mind that your maintenance will be done right. We ensure that every dollar will be spent on actually maintaining your equipment by technicians that are not on commission. Pride Mechanical strives to leave you satisfied with the service and time you spend with our technicians.





    Shading your outdoor unit is a good thing! Remember to always clear brush and keep other objects at least 3 feet from your unit as well.

  • Inexpensive Energy Savings



    Year Long Benefits of Weather Stripping

    Weather stripping benefits your home all year long. These plastic, foam, felt or rubber strips work winter through summer by creating a tight seal around all your windows and doors. They’ll keep the warm air in when it’s cold outside, and prevent cool air from escaping into the heat, too.

    An Idea For Winter Energy Savings

    Install reflective window film directly on the inside of windowpanes and glass doors. The film reflects inside heat back into your home, reducing the amount that is lost to the outside. It costs about $10 a window and is easy to install.